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Girls Make Games, our educational adviser, has an awesome portal with tutorials and resources.

More Classes and Programs

All Girls Code [LEBANON] immerses young girls in an environment where they have access to mentorship in technology.

Black Girls Code [USA] is a non-profit organization devoted to providing technology education to young girls from underrepresented communities.

Developers in Vogue [GHANA], an organization training African women in technology by matching them with real-time business projects.

Games For Change is a community that creates social impact games for use as critical tools for humanitarian and educational efforts.

Gameheads is a program that uses video game development to engage, prepare, and train low-income children and children of color.

Projekt Inspire [TANZANIA] is a social enterprise aiming to involve youth in making informed career decisions and acquiring career awareness.

Technolo Chicas is an initiative designed to raise awareness among young Latinas about opportunities and careers in technology.

The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and recognition of interactive arts.

The ESA Foundation provides scholarships for technological innovators and supports schools that use technology to create opportunities for youth.

Engines and Software

Unity is a great starting point if you want to dive straight into game development.

Use Scratch if you’re younger or completely new to programming.

Use Unreal if you’re familiar with programming, game development, and want to learn C++.

Twine is perfect for creating interactive stories and branching narrative. No coding required.

GameMaker is an easy-to-learn tool for coding and level design.

Blender is 3D modeling software you can use to create your own game art.

Individual Tutorials

An Unreal beginner tutorial about setting up and lighting scenes.

A Unity beginner tutorial about making your own physics based game called Roll-A-Ball.

A playlist of Blender/3D tutorials from basic modeling to importing your model into Unity.